Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Adorable Black leather/Black Patent leather blinders with Tiny BLUE Hearts BLUE trim Mini Pony Driving Harness set
     This is soooooooo cute! In the center of the blinders and on the brow & Noseband there are tiny cut out stars in the leather with BLUE under each one on shiny black patent leather. This dresses up your mini for the fancy parades or shows.

Complete set(includes: Bridle w/blinders, saddle& girth, reins, traces, Neck strap, crupper, breastcollar, & breeching) except bit. Brand New excellent condition. Bridle does come with an overcheck and a beautifully put to gethter. Traces buckle into the collar. 

Saddle part measures 50"-53" with room to poke another hole to go 1/2" shorter or longer.

Bridle is 32" inches bit to bit and can go shorter almost 2" each side with buckle adjustments.

   Brow: 13"
  Nose: 15"-17"
   Chin strap has buckle and measures 28", can shorten 1" each side
Breastcollar with TUGS attached
Saddle (50"-53" & room to poke another hole..maybe 1" shorter or longer) with Crupper strap (26"-31")
This adorable harness set is thick and nicely padded. The mini will just look so elegant and adorable...very showy, yet not too much.
Pink Hearts 
White Hearts
Blue Hearts also.*************

 Measuring for a harness is easy and the correct fit is essential. See the following key and illustration below.
A. From corner of mouth, over poll, to other corner of mouth.
C. Length of girth + saddle--circumference of body about 4" behind front legs
Once these two match to your measurements or fall within the range then the harness will be a good fit  your mini, pony or small horse.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lite Oil leather Headstall/Reins/Breastplate Sets in Horse size

                                            #2 set the silverplated conchos are a bit tarnished or chippy...only $45.!!!

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