Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Leather Western Split Reins $26pair,Headstall $35.00, $61.00 for set-FREE shipping in USA

Natural Plain Split Reins $26.00

#8040 Medium Oil/Brown Leather Western Headstall
with Black Hair Tassles/Rawhide accents $35.00
Western Leather Split Reins w/Black Hair tassels/Rawhide accents $26
Buy both and shipping will be included for $61.00 set within the USA or if shipped w/saddle

#7849 Light Oil/Rawhide Western leather Headstall $35.00
Light Oil/Rawhide Split Leather Reins $26.00

#8026 Brown Leather Western Headstall w/rawhide $35.00
Brown split Reins $26.00

Black leather Western Headstall w/rawhide accents #7860 $35.00
Black leather/rawhide accents split Reins $26.00 Buy set for $61.00 Free Shipping within the USA

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