Friday, October 29, 2010

Collar Hames 21" ,23" OR 24" Horse Driving Collar Hames Harness

                                               only 2 left as of July 7th 2011
   Leather HORSE Parade Harness 21", 23" or 24" Collar Hames Overcheck SET                                                           BLACK 100% LEATHER
                                           only $229.00
                                               Beautiful Leather very SIMPLE in design..
                                                                   but very Classy...

This is a brand new HORSE Harness set Complete set less the bit. COLLAR AND HAMES STYLE OF HARNESS, with Overcheck
Comes with Collar, Hames, hames tugs, Bridle w/blinkers, girth, reins, traces, crupper, breeching..
Totally complete set(includes:21" , 23" or 24" Collar, Bridle w/blinders, saddle & girth, reins, traces, Neck strap, crupper & breaching) except bit. Brand New excellent condition. Bridle does not come with an overcheck-as this is meant for shows, can also be used for casual drives. Traces buckle into the collar. Saddle part measures 70-80" and bridle is 40-44" inches. Everything is very well made and nicely padded for that extra comfort.

Measuring your horse is important
A. From corner of mouth, over poll, to other corner of mouth- bit to bit measurement should be within 40 to 44".
C. Length of girth- the all around girth should be within 70 to 80". If your horses measurements fall within this range, then the harness will fit.

For the Collar, you have to measure your horses neck with a flexible wire and take the diameter on the frame that is formed from the shape of the neck. The insides of the collar is the measurement for the collar.

The harness should(unless you have a crossbreed that is extra long or small) fit if the girth and bridle

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