Friday, March 25, 2011

English Exercise Race Racing Saddle Pad Leathers+ Girth $115.00

English Exercise Race Racing Saddle Pad Leathers+ Girth



Brand New Race Exercise English Saddle.

These racing saddles are for use on Thoroughbred race horses. The race saddle has only one girth strap on each side, compared to a regular English saddle that has two or three. An 'over girth' would be strapped over the seat of the saddle so that it is very secure.
They are very tiny and lightweight. The jockey does not sit in the saddle, but stays perched over the horse's shoulders. These saddles are not suitable for general riding.
Suede Brown Saddle
Comes with leathers Stirrups Girth
16.5" seat size.
The total width is 28" one end to other on the sides.
Weight approx is 3.12 lbs.
Comes with a handle at the pommel area.
Under side is made of felt.
Easy to use & care for.
Perfect for exercising as well.

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