Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pony Team Diving Cart Harness Set/Pair Black Leather Pony Tack

This harness is a PONY size with a 15" Collar & Hames. BLACK COLOR.

The leather is of very high quality and it's a gorgeous harness set with good fittings and quality craftsmanship.
This is a complete set WITH: 15" Collar, Bridles, Saddles, traces, Breaching, Harness crupper and Harness reins-7 pieces, times 2.

Totally complete set(includes:Bridle w/blinders, saddle & girth, reins, traces, Neck strap, crupper, 15" collar, & breeching) except bit. Brand New excellent condition. Bridle does come with an overcheck.
Saddle part measures 53-61 and bridle is 24"-34", brow band is 12", nose band is 21" to 24". Everything is very well made and nicely padded for that extra comfort. 
Nice steel hardware. 
Black as in the pictures with a black lacing. The inside of the saddle is Black in color and the bridle has white patent leather.
Very Nice quality oiled leather and all very thick and very supple.  
The measurements are with the holes allotted, there is lot of room to punch more holes.

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